Here’s instructions for creating art using fingerpaint.I find fingerpaints to be a great way to show colour theory to kids. Adults have fun with it also!

Fingerpainting on a Budget

As I explain in my bio, I spent years doing art-volunteering at The DI. Partly because of that, I always seek out the most accessible and affordable ways to create art. That is true even for fingerpaints. As always, I’ll share what I’ve learned so others can try it too.

Ingredients for Affordable Fingerpainting

  • food colouring
  • cornstarch
  • distilled water, but plain water works
  • fingerpainting paper, but any paper will do in a pinch
  • small paper cups (4oz) – be kind to the planet, avoid plastic
  • wooden stir sticks – be kind to the planet, avoid plastic

Where To Buy Ingredients

fingerpaint paper
In October 2018, Amazon sells 50 sheets of glossy 12×18″ fingerpaint paper for $14.
food color
You will need the three primary colours: blue, red, and yellow. While grocery stores often stock some food color, the availability can be quite unreliable. The most cost-effective way to buy food color is from Amazon. As of late 2018, they are selling 12 bottles for $18. That’s quite a bit cheaper than you get it bottle-at-a-time in the grocery store.
corn starch, salt, canola oil, cups, stir sticks
grocery store

I am currently using Martha Stewart’s fingerpaint recipe. I have some ideas for improvements, so I will update this page with my results when I get them.

Mix it very well.