As I explain in my bio, my time volunteering at The DI has made me always look for the most affordable and accessible methods to create art. That is true even for stone-age materials such as casein paint made with red ochre. As always, I’ll share my findings so others can try it for themselves.

This is still in the works. I am learning how to make homemade tempera paint using stone-age mineral pigments. It’ll be suitable for painting any cave walls near you. I’ve already got some red ochre to use for the pigment. I’m also going to eventually get some umber and burnt umber. Staying true to the stone-age inspiration, I’ll experiment with casein paint in addition to tempera paint.

As usual, I’ll post instructions so readers can try it at home for themselves. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I will simply post a link to They have an excellent free tutorial about how to make tempera paint.